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Petey Weedstraw the Streets Biggest Blessing also formerly 1/5 of the group LR Goon Squad. Weedstraw prides himself on delivering real street music. "Im not tryna make u dance or turn up. Im tryna touch yo soul" He say he raps about what he experienced and what ppl can relate to. He does this very well in His latest mixtape #GhettoGospel with songs like wanna be loved. His first solo mixtape was THE STREETS BIGGEST BLESSING. On this mixtape he takes u behind the scenes of the streets of little and broadcast live from the hood at a birds eye view.  That cd featured the single LITTLE ROCK which is a remake of his former group member's song YUNG SQUADY who passed in a tragic car accident  ... Weedstraw also took his streets biggest blessing campaign to the airwaves and began branding himself in radio by hosting on the Real Undaground Show on 88.3fm then later on The Real Underground online station... Currently weedstraw is pushing singles from the #ghettogospel mixtape. His first single is Like it seem ft yung 2 and his second single is All eyes on her ft tscrill. He has several vlogs being released dedicated to blessing the streets of little rock by mediating the violence that's plaguing the city.  The Little Rock streets turned Weedstraw to an old soul in a yung body with more knowledge than the average new school cat that allows him to see things from a street perspective as well as a business perspective.  This was the spark of the legit trapping movement.  Its a movement that promotes and encourages street hustlers to turn to entrepreneurs and legitimately go into business by applying their street knowledge and grind to a legit business. Petey Weedstraw plan is to use his music to bless the streets using his influence and noteriety.

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